adventures with the 'Rascals': news ?

adventures with the 'Rascals'

Misadventures of 2 Airedales who have earned their nicknames.see: travels with Robbie and Rene Clicks on some pics will give you a better look !

Location: Canada

We're 5 yr old 'Dales, and we're really curious, about everything, luv car rides, luv draggin' the olde boy around, luv kids and other puppies. And we listen, eavesdrop, and we'll tell the good stuff to our buddies, HEH-HEH ! woof!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

news ?

Robbie: why are we not surprised, a big "bust" in Toronto (Andrew Coyne )
and here
Rene: wait 'till they discover the "camp" just north of Minden....
Robbie: hold it, that's a kids camp.
Rene: sure, for about 4 weeks in the summer. You were the one that wanted to bite a guy there !


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