adventures with the 'Rascals': December 2006

adventures with the 'Rascals'

Misadventures of 2 Airedales who have earned their nicknames.see: travels with Robbie and Rene Clicks on some pics will give you a better look !

Location: Canada

We're 5 yr old 'Dales, and we're really curious, about everything, luv car rides, luv draggin' the olde boy around, luv kids and other puppies. And we listen, eavesdrop, and we'll tell the good stuff to our buddies, HEH-HEH ! woof!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

You are wrong, Robbie !

Rene: wrong Robbie. That nice man , professor Dion won.
Robbie: don't rub it in, the olde boy was wrong too. He bet twenty bucks with Lurch, and I heard him say that Lurch doesn't know squat about pol-ticks.
Rene: well, what now?
Robbie: well the olde boy and Tee-Dubb were talkin', they think that they won't be able to afford to live in Canada if the professor runs the country.

Rene: are they moving to Mexico ?